Why Should We Use AI to Enhance Customer Experience?

5 min readJan 24, 2024

Why is AI an important tool to elevate customer experience, and in which aspects can it help businesses improve their customer experience? Let’s explore these questions in this article.

One thing that businesses need to prepare for this year is customers’ expectations for a better customer experience, driven by promising technological advancements, especially in AI. This is particularly heightened in industries where customer experience and trust are of utmost importance, such as banking & finance, and retail.

AI emerges as a beneficial tool that addresses the challenges of customer service in businesses by elevating customer experience in an increasingly intriguing way, giving businesses a competitive edge. Let’s delve into this topic further in this article.

Challenges in Creating Better Customer Experiences

  1. Customer Data Overload: Customer data is pivotal for understanding customers and providing exceptional services. However, as businesses expand, the increasing volume of customer data can pose a significant obstacle. Ineffective management of this data prevents businesses from extracting full benefits, resulting in an inability to deliver impressive experiences to customers.
  2. Omnichannel Complexity: Omnichannel services have become a standard in today’s business landscape, encompassing both online and offline channels. The inability to effectively manage omnichannel operations leads to inconsistent services, potentially causing dissatisfaction among customers.
  3. Personalized Experience Challenges: Modern businesses strive to deliver personalized experiences through tailored notifications, recommendations, and marketing messages. However, achieving this goal becomes a challenge for businesses lacking the proper tools and infrastructure.
  4. Fast Responsiveness Demands: Nowadays, customers expect real-time responsiveness, whether for inquiries or issue reports, especially in urgent matters like financial concerns. This poses a challenge for companies relying solely on human employees to meet these pressing needs.
  5. Inconsistent Services: Ensuring that all employees are consistently trained to deliver standardized service, like a robot, is extremely challenging for businesses. This approach may not align with human nature, which values critical thinking. Inconsistent services also contribute to customer resentment, particularly in industries where customer trust is paramount.

How AI Can Address These Challenges

  1. Data Management and Analytics: AI excels at efficiently handling large volumes of data and extracting valuable insights. By leveraging AI, businesses can not only manage substantial amounts of data effectively but also gain a deeper understanding of their customers, laying the foundation for an exceptional customer experience. Additionally, employing AI for sensitive data management enhances security. AI can take on responsibilities related to data matters, allowing human employees to focus on more value-added tasks. (Explore more on managing customer data using AI in Customer Data Platform (CDP): What is it, and why do businesses need it?).
  2. Automated Omnichannel Management: AI operates continuously, 24/7, and can monitor multiple channels simultaneously. Utilizing AI for omnichannel customer services ensures consistency, comprehensiveness, and real-time responses.
  3. Personalization: With its ability to rapidly analyze vast amounts of data, AI can analyze individual customer data and craft personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. AI serves as a reliable assistant in delivering effective personalization.
  4. Accelerated Response and Operations: AI facilitates continuous monitoring of customer interactions, enabling real-time issue identification and faster resolution, such as reporting and handling suspected transactions. AI can filter inquiries, respond immediately to straightforward issues, and transfer more complex concerns to human employees, resulting in faster and more impressive customer experiences.
  5. Consistent Services: Leveraging its intelligent robotic capabilities, AI ensures consistent services. This is highly beneficial for maintaining service standards. Therefore, we can deploy AI for initial service and utilize it as a behind-the-scenes assistant, offering real-time guidance to customer service employees to help them adhere to these standards.

Furthermore, with the current advancements in AI, leveraging generative AI, like ChatGPT, allows for the development of intelligent customer service chatbots. These chatbots can interact naturally and intelligently, handling more complex issues. For instance, in the finance sector, they can execute financial transactions with enhanced security, including tasks such as checking balances, transferring money, and responding to inquiries. In retail and other industries, these chatbots can even place orders for products and ensure swift delivery to the customer’s doorstep.

AI for Customer Experience: Unlocking Additional Benefits for Businesses

In addition to addressing these challenges, AI offers various advantages for businesses:

  • Cost Savings: Deploying AI to handle routine tasks in customer services, such as responding to inquiries and fixing simple issues, as well as utilizing AI for creating personalized experiences, significantly reduces costs. This not only frees up employees but also allocates resources to more value-added tasks.
  • Error Reduction: By employing AI to ensure consistent services and minimize errors, from data management to customer interactions, businesses can enhance overall efficiency and accuracy in their operations.
  • Continuous Development: AI possesses the ability to continuously learn and adapt to changes. This allows businesses to tailor their AI systems to evolving market needs, creating competitive advantages through the adoption of innovative and fast-paced AI technologies.

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