Smart Energy Dashboard: Driving Businesses to Net Zero

4 min readMar 11, 2024

92% of consumers are inclined to support businesses that demonstrate environmental awareness, which can also elevate business sales by 20%.

These statistics indicate that environmental issues have become increasingly important for consumers. Businesses’ efforts to go green and be more environmentally friendly are beneficial for both the world and the businesses.

Sertis would like to introduce you to our Smart Energy Dashboard, Sertis’ energy solution that enables smart energy management, driving businesses towards environmentally-friendly goals and ensuring long-term development and sustainability.

Why Do We Need to Opt for Clean energy?

Opting for clean energy is another important factor that transforms businesses to become more environmentally friendly. Traditional energy from fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas results in more than 75% of greenhouse gas emissions and 90% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Clean energy from wind or solar sources can significantly mitigate these environmental effects.

Advanced technologies and innovations such as high-speed internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data enable the establishment of smart cities. A smart city is driven by technology, prioritizing the development of clean and green infrastructure. Therefore, clean energy contributes to the success of building smart cities, ultimately improving our quality of life.

How to Prepare for Clean Energy Transformation

An essential infrastructure supporting businesses’ effective transition to clean energy is an upgraded power supply. Existing power supplies emit excessive carbon dioxide and are insufficient to meet the increasing demand for electricity from clean sources. Therefore, upgrading to new power supplies is crucial. Additionally, comprehensive energy management technologies are necessary. This is where our Smart Energy Dashboard comes into play.

Smart Energy Dashboard: Transitioning Businesses to Clean Energy

The Smart Energy Dashboard offers features facilitating comprehensive clean energy management and power supply upgrades, presenting near-real-time data in an intuitive and customizable virtual 3D map to maximize usability.

Key Features of Our Smart Energy Dashboard:

  • Energy Monitoring: Display all energy data in an intuitive visualization through graphs, charts, and maps, including peak times, energy sources, and other metrics. The dashboard is integrated with Smart Meters and inverters to ingest energy production data from grids and clean energy sources, updated in near-real-time. This feature enables businesses to monitor energy usage and analyze data for cost control or power supply management.
  • Green Credit Calculation: Calculate green metrics such as carbon emissions and clean energy usage to enable businesses to monitor their energy use. This allows them to plan carbon credits or Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) purchases, optimizing costs and achieving environmental goals.
  • Energy Trading: Facilitate peer-to-peer energy trading using a bidding strategy, automatically matching demands and supplies with matched prices. The energy traded is calculated directly from the Smart Meters to ensure transparency and fairness, enabling businesses that produce excessive clean energy to monetize their production.
  • Smart Billing: Automatically generate bills for every trading transaction within the system, inclusive of all fees, and send them to buyers. Detailed transaction updates will be displayed every 15 minutes.

Furthermore, with the emerging trend of electric vehicles, the Smart Energy Dashboard can be further developed to support EV charging. This includes implementing an EV Charger Management system that monitors all chargers and controls the switching in case of emergencies.

With all key features, the Smart Energy Dashboard is a one-stop service platform that covers all essential steps of energy management and trading. It enables businesses to effectively manage and centralize their energy usage and trading, even with complex power infrastructure.

Businesses can also prepare for the transition toward clean energy and upgrading their power supplies. This results in reducing costs, maximizing efficiency, and achieving net-zero goals.

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