Sertizens Stories: James Krakornkul-Senior Software Engineer

1. Tell us about your journey at Sertis

My journey at Sertis has been similar to my journey through University, in terms of groups of people who come from different places with a variety of unique skills. The work experience is similar to a group of friends working together, helping each other, and growing together to overcome exciting and challenging projects.

2. Comparing your Day 1 to present

Day 1, I was just a fresh grad with only the fundamentals. Imagine that, going from doing homework, reading books, passing exams; to working and delivering the best of what you can do for customers. I could say, at the time; I was a bit stressed and nervous.

3. Your most proud of initiative

In 2019, Sertis started working on a Face Scan product. So we created a power team joining forces with AI, MLE, and SE to brainstorm and create our own AI model, SDK, and services including website and software. As a developer, we needed to design the whole architecture from scratch. Communicating and collaborating with the AI and MLE team every day to make the software and website compatible and work smoothly.

4. The best thing about working at Sertis

Having the chance to work in a collaborative environment, and always communicating with each other. We share pain points, experiences, and knowledge together. We believe that sharing all of these things will make us stronger with a more positive mindset. This is what makes Sertis a resilient and adaptable company.

5. Any advice to Sertizen new joiners

We have a lot of products and software that are available for everyone to have a chance to learn and improve and become a skillful developer. Don’t think too much and don’t underestimate your abilities. Be yourself, keep in mind there is nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it; especially true when you have like-minded people, anything is possible to accomplish.



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