Sertizens in Action: Introducing our Senior Data Engineer — Jet Schuett

Here comes the #3 series of Sertizens in Action. This time, you will get to know Jet Schuett, our Senior Data Engineer, one of those Sertizens who fully embraced his role as a Senior Data Engineer and empowered everyone who works with him.

Read on to learn what Jet is doing on a daily basis to support the team’s workflow and hear the ‘why’ behind his work that he also comes to realize why a company like Sertis exists. Be inspired by his perspective towards the meaningful purpose of being the core part of the company he enjoys seeing himself and others grow along the way. Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Career Development

Many times, I think “servant leadership” is such a cliche without much practical meaning. But at Sertis, what I experience consistently are managers who work to help their employees learn, do their job well, and grow in their careers. Sertis is in no way perfect, and there are many flaws I would like to see amended, but the people here are those who genuinely care about those who work for them.

I myself have moved from being a Data Analyst to (informally) a Data Scientist role and now a Data Engineer, have worked under the leadership of three managers, and have been greatly blessed by a culture of embracing and empowering talents that are prevalent here.


One of the questions I’m sure many consultants have is whether their work truly makes a difference for their customers. That’s why companies like Sertis exist — to make sure people who care about getting the right data do get the right data.

I find it’s also much more than that — whether through dashboards, predictive models, or other sorts of automation, we are freeing our clients from repetitive, mundane tasks and empowering them to do something more meaningful; and in the grand scheme of things, we are planting seeds in Thai corporates to help them move away from the 20th-century control structure into one built on cutting-edge technologies.

Day-to-day task

Having been with Sertis for almost four years now, almost every day I wake up and look forward to doing the tasks I have at hand. Being a Data Engineer, a back-office role, the impact of our work can sometimes be obscured. But that then begs the question: who are my customers? For me, it’s the Data Analysts whom I support to run their queries smoothly and efficiently — and to see their daily work not being a pain to them is rewarding without measure.

Work Life Balance

Personally, I believe that work is a gift to be enjoyed, something we can find a higher purpose in. The command to work has been there since the beginning: ”Be fruitful and multiply”; it’s one of the aspects of being an image-bearer of our Creator. The key to that enjoyment is finding a purpose that lasts — one beyond working for the paycheck or outperforming others. This is of particular relevance during the pandemic when people the world over are questioning basic tenants of work.

Or if you are interested in working with Jet and find your passion is in Data Engineering or Data Analytics, get to our careers page and apply at




Leading big data and AI-powered solution company

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Leading big data and AI-powered solution company

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