Sertizens in Action: Introducing our Business Development Manager — Mankong Chowkwanyun (Mike)

The #4 series of Sertizens in Action is here. This month, you will get to know Mike through his sharing of work at Sertis. Get an inside look of how he managed to get his work done properly and in a timely manner to support clients and the working team as a Business Development Manager.

Mike was happy to share his thoughts on working in a collaborative environment where everyone supports each other to achieve the same goal, why he enjoys his role, and what kind of challenges he finds along the journey at Sertis. Feel free to leave a comment for Mike and share your thoughts!

Career Development

There was a learning curve as my prior background in technology was not Data/AI related. Sertis is a great place to learn and see how AI is being used in business to help our clients reach their goals. My colleagues are a friendly group and eager to help new joiners feel at home.


Having been involved in several multi-year projects I can appreciate when project requirements or market conditions change. This becomes more challenging when combined with the shorter timeline for projects at Sertis. When details change it is important to remind ourselves of the high level objectives and goals of our clients. We need to balance short term decisions with long term impacts.

Everyday we see new opportunities and ways in which our clients are exploring AI and machine learning as a tool to unlock business potential. It is exciting to witness an idea evolve from inception into a complete solution that delivers value to our customers. AI and machine learning are at the forefront of changes happening in the business world and it is great to be at Sertis to be a part of the journey.

Day-to-day task

A typical day for me is multi-tasking between working with clients and working with Sertis’ teams. I could be negotiating commercial terms and working out the best solution to meet our clients’ challenges. Or we could be exploring new ways to leverage AI and machine learning to solve complex problems impacting businesses ranging from retail, consumer goods and manufacturing to energy, financial services, logistics, and agriculture.

If you would be interested in a career at Sertis, find out more on our Career page at




Leading big data and AI-powered solution company

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Leading big data and AI-powered solution company

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