Organizational Resilience

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1. Manage Dependency, Maintain Redundancy

To build up an organization as a startup company with a self-organized team. There is some research suggesting working in a team with only 5–12 people will make the work more productive, but there is no hard-and-fast rule to determine the optimal number to have on each team, the best number of people is driven by the team’s task and by the roles each person plays.

2. Move with Speed and Agility to Recover from Disruption

When we have a good team, we should give them flexibility, independence, and permission to decide and cope with the changing situations. Organizations or teams should have the principles and discipline to handle the situations that may occur.

3. Manage Strategic Foresight & Watch Out for Slow Variables/Feedback

We never know what will happen in the near future, but the organization or leaders in the organization have to be able to predict and do Strategic Foresight of what will change in at least the next five years onwards.

4. Cultivate Sustainability Mindset

We are in a world where the environment is unstable, and there is the deterioration of the environment with pollution, climate change, the loss of biodiversity, and also the pandemic spreading all over the world. These changes need rapid help from everyone. Scientists warn that pandemics like Covid-19 could occur more frequently unless we stop rapidly destroying nature.

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