Marketing 5.0 Technology for Humanity

Key concepts of Marketing 5.0

Data-Driven Marketing

What is ‘Next Tech’?

‘Next Tech’ is one of the critical themes in Marketing 5.0 which is a group of technologies including AI, NLP, robotics, sensor tech, AR, VR, Iot, and blockchain, aiming to emulate the capabilities of human marketers. The combination of these technologies are the enabler of Marketing 5.0.

The role of marketer in Marketing 5.0

As the book’s name suggests, the human is central to successful application, this is a technology for humanity.

5 Ways Tech boosts Marketing

  • Technology helps us easily access Big Data and make more informed decisions as a result.
  • The outcomes of marketing campaigns and strategies can be predicted.
  • Highly contextual digital experiences are possible that are brought into the physical sphere.
  • Frontline marketers’ productivity and delivery of value is increased.
  • Speed: Technology answers the ‘always on’ culture and allows for quicker and leaner marketing delivery.



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