Go beyond your vision with Computer Vision, an AI with eyes to make our life easier

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Sight is one of the most precious abilities of creatures. It enables us to see and unearth the outside world in order to adapt to our environment and perform daily activities. To build a machine that can be our best friend and take over some of our tasks, those machines need to be equipped with the same abilities we have, and seeing is one of them.

What is it like to have an AI that can see and learn from its surroundings just like we do? How empowered would the machine be?

“Computer Vision” is a field of artificial intelligence that is capable of detecting, deriving, and processing visual data, both images, and videos. Computer vision has pushed the boundaries of AI that used to be limited to processing numerical or text data.

Just a plain saying may not be enough to fascinate you. In fact, computer vision can be a game-changer for our lifestyle and work. How it is going to change our lives and in which direction, let’s see it yourself!

What is Computer vision?

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that has the abilities to detect and categorize visuals, both images, and videos, and derive information or processes according to the purpose. Normally, AI is capable of processing information, or in other words, “thinking”. Computer Vision is to add an extra skill of “seeing” and expand its capability from just text and numerical to visual interpretation.

For example, computer vision is integrated with CCTV cameras to detect mask-wearing in public. We can train the model with the visual datasets of mask-wearing to enable it to differentiate between people with and without a mask to generate the reports as needed.

Human vision VS AI vision

The picture of what AI sees is similar to what we see. The difference is about how it works. We see, we learn, and we understand. Starting from our eyes to our brain, we develop our understanding of our surroundings from never-ending experiences.

For AI, a camera is its eyes. It gains experience from inputs. Its algorithms act as a brain that processes the information. Even though there is still a limitation in which an AI has to partly rely on our inputs. The accuracy, the volume of data it can handle, and the speed are unquestionable and far beyond human capabilities. It can even process 1,000 objects within a few seconds, it works 24/7, and it can see through to the tiniest detail that our eyes can’t catch.

Computer vision for a safer driving

We start from steam trains, to compact vehicles, and finally to self-driving cars. Computer vision is one of the safe and practical autonomous vehicle’s success factors.

To drive forward safely, self-driving cars need to perceive their surroundings to detect objects and determine how or which direction to head toward. The car’s AI receives data from several sources, including camera sensors, which is important data that the model needs in order to detect other cars, passerby, and other objects.

In 2020–2021, there were around 30,000 car accidents nationwide in Thailand. As well as in the US, there are 31,720 car-crash deaths yearly. The causes of accidents, mostly, are from human driving errors such as speeding, sleepiness, and fatigue, which will never ever happen with AI self-driving cars. That is how computer vision contributes to the safety of life and properties.

Experience the next normal of shopping with Computer vision

There will soon no longer be old-fashioned shopping in a supermarket with a long checkout line. Computer vision can replace the traditional barcode scanning piece by piece with camera sensors recognizing products all at once, improving the speed and customer experience.

We can also apply computer vision to store security by using face recognition, or improve customer relationship management by directly accessing customer records with biometric identification, allowing the store to create a personalized experience for customers.

The online shopping experience can be improved with innovations from computer vision as well. Searching by photos feature on the online shopping platform enables us to automatically find the right or, at least, similar products just by uploading the photos. Even more amazing, the AR try-on features integrated augmented reality with our phone camera allowing us to try new shades of lipstick on our lips.

Revolutionize the high-speed and ultra-accurate manufacturing system with Computer Vision

Computer vision upgrades manufacturing systems to be faster and more effective. Computer vision technology plays a role in cost-saving and increasing accuracy in several processes, from quality control to maintenance.

The quality control process done by human workers is time-consuming and prone to errors. Computer vision helps mitigate this process by scanning for all levels of the defects along all the production lines, decreasing the chance that defects reach customers.

Computer vision technology can also be used for machinery maintenance by monitoring and providing alerts when any machine or part needs maintenance before it is too late. Lacking maintenance can lead to huge consequences such as machine breakdown disrupting the production or accidents from anomalies, resulting in loss and damages.

Computer vision for a cost-effective retail operation

The key to the success of retail businesses, especially FMCG,

is the ability to satisfy customer demands fast and right on time. Being in short supply can hurt your business more than you would imagine.

Computer vision technology can prevent this by constantly monitoring and assessing products on shelves and alerting staff when shelves need refilling or when misplaced and damaged products are found.

Computer vision can also be utilized in planning in-store sale boosting strategies by analyzing customer flow using heat maps to design shelf layout that encourages purchasing-decision.

Sertis, the changemaker and one of the leading computer vision solution providers.

At Sertis, we develop and design computer vision solutions that can fix your pain points, make lives easier, and satisfy the exclusive needs of different industries.

Face analytics solutions

Sertis Face Scan Pro is a face recognition device designed for contactless gate access control, its face recognition pipeline is certified by NIST as Rank #1 in Thailand and top 30 worldwide

Our face recognition technology can be implemented in the E-KYC system to identify and verify customers when performing transactions to prevent falsification caused by human errors and provide customers with a seamless experience.

Video analytics solutions

Sertis’s computer vision solutions incorporate CCTV cameras for object detection and analytics which can be implemented in the operations of several industries with various purposes. For example, for marketing purposes, we can examine customer flow to design sale-boosting strategies, or for security purposes, we can monitor activities and intrusion, such as real-time detecting suspected behaviors in factories or farms.

Video analytics technology can be utilized with smart traffic management, for example, license plate information extraction with Thai character reading which is 99.6 percent accurate, and car models, classes, and colors classification with 97 percent accuracy.

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