BI Analyst VS ETL Developer, How do they contribute to BI?

What is “Business Intelligence”?

1. What does a BI Analyst do?

BI Analyst Skill Set

  • Data Analysis + Business Acumen (the data analysis with the business background): BI Analyst needs to understand the important metrics of each business so as to be able to provide strong and valuable suggestions. In Sertis, we specialize in analyzing data for the retail industry, ensuring that we can provide effective solutions to our clients.
  • Data Query (a request for data): Most clients’ big data is stored in structured data format. Therefore, SQL is an essential skill. Apart from SQL, we also use other programming languages, for instance, Python or R. Sometimes, we got an ad hoc task to explore data that was too small to load into the database, but was too large for Excel to handle. In such a case, Python and R become handy alternatives.
  • Data Aggregation (the process of gathering data and presenting them in a newly summarized format): Typically, the data we received from clients is a large amount of data. It usually requires some level of data aggregation to transform data in a more compact format. Still, returning a correct number compared to its original source. This leads to optimal data query speed in the dashboard.
  • Data Visualization (the graphical representation of information and data): Be able to select a proper visualization to serve the client’s objectives. There are a lot of dashboard tools, for instance, Tableau, Power BI or Python or R libraries depending on the analyst’s choice.

BI Analyst Career Path

2. What does an ETL Developer do?

ETL Developer Skill Set

  • Software Development: This position has to develop something new based on the client’s requirement. Sometimes, they have to use Programming Script to fulfill the ETL implementation, thus it requires starting from computer programming background such as Python to CI/CD concept understanding.
  • System Architecture (the conceptual model that defines the structure, behavior, and more views of a system): Understand the overall system of how to develop and incorporate each layer to work together consistently and effectively.
  • Data Transformation (the understanding of data from one format to another): Design a proper workflow based on available raw data. Transforming data into the final form with correct metrics, columns for the user to later work on.
  • Data Management: Understand the concept of data collection. Able to collect the raw clients’ data in a compact format, resulting in reducing data redundancy. Harness the best practice in configuring a permission level for each users’ group.
  • Big Data Technology (interest and understanding of technology): As infrastructure technology always has new updates, ETL Developers must keep themselves up-to-date with the upcoming trend, so as to be able to assess whether the current tool they are using is outdated or not. In addition, be able to propose fresh solutions which are more scalable for the time being.

ETL Developer Career Path

  • Communication: You might have heard “Communication is key” because being able to convey our messages clearly is an essential skill for both internal and external occasions. Whether with colleagues, supervisors who grasp complicated technical terms, or even non-technical audiences whom we have to rephrase the message, avoid using technical terms but still holding the key takeaways.
  • BI, Big Data Concept Understanding: Both positions relate to BI systems, thus it is recommended to understand the BI overall concept. At the very least, they have to see a clear picture of their roles and tasks. What kind of role do they contribute to the BI system? Although this is not the main responsibility, the overall idea of how data was sent as an Input/Output.




Leading big data and AI-powered solution company

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Leading big data and AI-powered solution company

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