Analyze movement patterns from a real-time surveillance camera to understand customer behavior with Video Analytics

Customers’ movement in the store, traffic from the door to the product, how they travel from shelf to shelf before making a decision, how they wait in lines, and other behaviors are all linked to their purchasing decisions. Understanding these behaviors increases your chances of closing a deal.

Computer vision is a field of AI that uses so-called intelligent eyes to observe, understand, and analyze things the same way a human does. Video analytics is a field of Computer vision that processes digital videos. Being applied to customer behavior analytics, Video analytics can be super beneficial for modern retail.

Sertis is one of the leading solution providers of Video analytics for Customer behavior analytics. We use computer vision to analyze customer behavior in real-time, using surveillance cameras and sensors, which increase our chances of winning customers’ hearts, closing deals, and generating profitable revenues.

Let’s get to know our Customer behavior analytics solutions in more detail.

Customers’ movement in the store, traffic from the door to the product, and how they travel from shelf to shelf before making a decision, are all important factors that can’t be overlooked. Every second is the chance for closing a deal. Customers may be more impressed if a small change in product layout makes it easier for them to find what they’re looking for. An alteration in shelves and aisles layouts may increase the tendency of customers to purchase more than they expected.

Understanding these behaviors allows us to design in-store strategies that are more relevant, for example, shelves and product layouts or aisle layouts. All of these strategies would lead to a better experience, as well as an environment that is conducive to making a purchase decision and closing a sale.

Video analytics is a field of computer vision that monitors and detects customer flows using videos from surveillance cameras and sensors. The AI generates customer flow maps and zoning as well as keeps track of how much time customers spend in each zone and how many people enter and exit the store. These data can be analyzed with other metrics such as sales to find and understand the connections between them.

Customer behavior analytics solutions offer a number of benefits:

  1. Businesses can keep track of customer behaviors without invading their privacy or ruining their shopping experience
  2. The result is more accurate than manual data collection and processing.
  3. To avoid blind spots and provide consistent and trustworthy insights, analytics consider every factor. With the ability to analyze a large volume of data in minutes, analytics across multiple locations and metrics are available.
  4. The result provides actionable insights for effective strategy design.

In addition to customer behavior analytics, video analytics solutions can be used for a variety of in-store applications:

1. Monitor in-store activities and detect suspected behaviors or unauthorized entry to ensure security

2. Ensure the compliance with Covid-19 restrictions such as social distancing and mask-wearing

3. Optimize in-store operations such as the number of staff in different periods of the day.

4. Identify store members or VIP customers using real-time face detection from surveillance cameras to provide a better experience in time.

We customize solutions by working closely with our clients to identify the needs, the pain points, and the areas for improvement, in order to create the best tailor-made solutions that answer their needs. Despite the same kind of solutions, we focus on unique functionalities for each client to deliver bespoke solutions that are right for your business.

We provide a variety of computer vision technologies, including customer behavior analytics. Connect with us to discover more solutions that answer the needs of all industries.

We are one of the leading computer vision solution providers in Thailand. We are eager to guide you through the exploration of new business potential and possibilities, and we are ready to develop the best computer vision solutions that match the uniqueness of your business to improve efficiency, accelerate growth, and boost sales in the most sustainable way. Learn more about our solutions:

Contact us if you are ready to join forces with us and design a one-of-a-kind solution to transform your business for a better future.



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