12 New Jobs Created by Generative AI

4 min readMar 13, 2024

From ChatGPT to Gemini, these two innovations have greatly shaken our world. Many may question whether Generative AI will become so advanced as to replace humans. However, the truth is quite the opposite; they may generate new jobs that provide various opportunities for humans!

Generative AI is a model that can naturally interact with humans, execute commands, and generate new content within seconds. The introduction of this type of AI has caused widespread shock and comes with fears that AI may replace humans.

In reality, no matter how advanced AI becomes, humans are still essential, and Generative AI may indeed create many new job positions. In this article, Sertis invites you to explore 12 new jobs created by Generative AI.

  1. AI Prompt Engineer

To fully command Generative AI such as ChatGPT or Gemini to do what we want, requires appropriate prompt writing. Sometimes, designing prompts to achieve the desired results is more challenging than expected. Therefore, an AI Prompt Engineer is a new profession that requires expertise in prompt design. Good communication skills, attention to detail, analytical thinking abilities, and knowledge of data are essential for this role.

2. Generative Design Specialist

With the ability to create innovative designs using Generative AI, in addition to needing Prompt Engineers specialized in text-based commands, we may also see roles like Generative Design Specialists emerging. These specialists are experts in designing commands for design work, such as graphic images, product designs, or architectural structures, to be further developed by humans, therefore saving time in the work process.

3. AI Input and Output Manager

With the capability to learn and generate content at an exceptional level, Generative AI necessitates the establishment of a new role to oversee and control its operations. The AI Input and Output Manager is responsible for managing the data inputted into the Generative AI for learning purposes and ensuring control over the outcomes generated by the Generative AI, keeping them within appropriate boundaries to prevent privacy breaches or copyright violations, and ensuring impartiality

4. AI Content Reviewer

This position is similar to the previous one, with the AI Content Reviewer responsible for evaluating the quality, accuracy, and appropriateness of all content generated by the Generative AI, including articles, images, or various analysis results, to ensure they are within appropriate and safe boundaries.

5. AI Trainer

The next role is the AI Trainer, who specifically acts as an instructor for Generative AI. With the increasing influence of Generative AI, there is a need for rigorous training. AI Trainers are responsible for training and improving the quality of AI models, from feeding data for learning to refining and enhancing the quality of the outcomes produced, ensuring that the AI operates at maximum efficiency.

6. AI Maintenance Engineer

The next position is the AI Maintenance Engineer, who ensures that Generative AI models operate efficiently. This role is similar to engineers who oversee other AI models. The AI Maintenance Engineer is responsible for updating models, ensuring smooth operation, and addressing various issues that may arise.

7. AI Security Specialist

The capabilities of Generative AI have increased the complexity of cyber threats. Cybercriminals can leverage Generative AI to deceive more convincingly, such as conducting phishing attacks and releasing various types of malware. Therefore, the emergence of AI Security Specialists becomes essential to safeguard an organization’s cybersecurity. These specialists are tasked with overseeing the cybersecurity of the organization, enabling them to stay informed and defend against such threats effectively.

8. AI Literacy Educator

With learning capabilities almost equivalent to humans, it would be beneficial for AI to learn about itself. This includes understanding its own capabilities, the benefits it can provide, and the potential threats it may pose. We refer to this as AI literacy. Teaching these aspects to AI can help it operate more efficiently and securely.

9. AI Ethics Officer

AI ethics is another crucial issue that developers worldwide must prioritize, especially with advanced AI like Generative AI. The AI Ethics Officer is a position tasked with ensuring that Generative AI models are developed ethically, free from bias, and work responsibly towards society. They are also responsible for designing ethical guidelines for AI usage to be enforced across the organization.

10. AI Compliance Officer

After the AI Ethics Officer designs ethical guidelines for the organization’s AI usage, it becomes the responsibility of the AI Compliance Officer to oversee and ensure that these guidelines are accepted and implemented rigorously. They also ensure that AI is not used in a manner that violates privacy, copyrights, or laws.

11. AI Personality Designer

In the competitive market of Generative AI, where tools are developed by various companies, these AIs must have distinct personalities so users can choose one that suits their needs. The AI Personality Designer is responsible for designing personalities for AI to differentiate them from competitors. For example, they may create personalities that are playful, humorous, or friendly, capable of engaging in smooth conversations to win over users.

12. Custom AI Solution Developer

Even though there are many AI options available in the market, sometimes they may not fully meet the needs of businesses. This is where the profession of Custom AI Solution Developer comes into play. They specialize in designing AI solutions, particularly Generative AI, tailored to the specific needs of organizations, ensuring that all aspects of their requirements are met.

No matter how far AI advances, humans remain crucial in controlling and overseeing AI to ensure efficient operation.

Therefore, Sertis suggests that everyone continues to develop themselves continually alongside AI. This allows us to grow alongside these innovations.

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